Owner: Seb Defontaine
Email: withheld
Country: France
Model:  Custom Pro
S/N: VA01242
Year: 1990
For Sale: No

Fireburst, quilted maple body and birdeye maple neck. 24 frets, ebony fretboard. Gold hardware machine heads all original parts. Original EMG and floyd rose/valleyarts. The two tockel switches are inserted by the previous owner. one is a 10/20db boost The other to switch the boost on/off. I'am the third owner. It's my fourth valleyarts guitar in a row, and i'am very proud to own a upcoming collection. I play all of them, i use them in the studio as well as in the two bands i play in.
NEW OWNER INFO: Well, regarding the story, I bought it from the Netherland from a guy being on the page and it has been such a bad experience that I prefer to forget it and enjoy present time (long story short, I did a wire transfer and didn't got any news from the seller for 10 days. Had to contact the police, local music shops in his city, etc...)

Then, it arrived just with the flycase and the UPS ticket directly on it.
The purchase experience is exactly at the opposite to the sound of the guitar.