Owner: Kevin Clemens
Email: clemensclan4@hotmail.com
Country: Branson, Mo
Model:  Custom Pro
S/N: VA01231
Year: 1987
For Sale: No!

All mahogany body & neck, with a hand carved top and herringbone binding, EMG pickups (SA,SA,85.) Tailpiece (TP6?) and bridge (tuneomatic) bolted to body with tuning wheels at tailpiece for fine tuning, the switch is a 5 way with volume, tone and mid-boost. Fretboard is Rosewood with mother of pearl dots and hardware is gold as you can see. This was the one of the very first VA models to feature the “Inter-lock” system patented by VA using no screws or bolts to hold the neck in place, the heel was contoured as if it was a one piece instrument to allow smooth access to the upper frets with no block of wood impeding your hand position above the 12th fret. (Still one of the best inventions ever.) At the time Mike made this one for me, to my knowledge, the only other players that owned one was Larry Carlton & Vince Gill so this would have been #3. Of course, I am the original owner and this particular guitar has rarely been played due to the fact that I also have the Fireburst VA and now, 3 three custom Tylers that Jim built for me after I became friends with Landau and of course my beloved 1955 strat that I bought when I was only 16. Mike long ago told me a story that Larry had seen Albert Lee playing at a club one night and after the set he picked up Albert's famous Tele and liked the fact the he could play so fast on it because it had been “shaved down,” so Mike came up with the 7/8 sized neck & body and began working on this custom version for Larry to match the radius and playability of Albert’s Tele. It is my FAVORITE custom I own.

New owner as of April 2014 - Kevin Clemens