Owner: Tom Heertjes
Email: amperevoltohm@gmail.com
Country: Holland
Model: Custom Pro 22 Fret
S/N: VA01128
Year: 1992
For Sale: No

This guitar came to me via Andy Brauer in LA. The guitar has had some work done so is not original but it's pretty light in weight and sounds great. I think it's an alder body as the grain is fairly plain looking but it's solidly built like a traditional Strat. The neck is a two piece affair as it has a seperate slab maple board. I love this neck. It's pretty wide and flat and has a comfy rounded feel to it a little like a Chandler Metro neck. The trem has been replaced with a Wilkinson and there is a very slight gap behind the plate but it's near on invisible. There is some extra routing in the trem block cavity that has been expertly executed by whoever put the Wilkinson in. The picture shows Bartolini pickups in the plate. These are humbuckers that split to single coil and there is a small pre amp tucked up inside the plate with a sweep pot in the middle control too. I removed the Bartolini set up and have replaced these with Van Zandt vintage single coils for a more 'authentic' sound (if you like). It's very Straty and is my first call these days if I'm off to rehersal or a gig. This guitar isn't as fancy as your usual Custom Pro but in some ways it does the job better than the others I own. I love it!