Owner: James Hober
Email: withheld
Country: los Angeles, CA
Model: Custom Pro
S/N: VA0110
Year: I'm the original owner. I bought it new in 1984.
For Sale: Never, until I'm dead.

Gotoh tuners. Quarter sawn maple neck. 25 1/2 inch scale length (standard strat scale). Floyd Rose with positive stop (this means you can only push down; you can't pull up. But it stays in tune if you break a string). Ebony fingerboard. I had Mike refret it for me twice I played it so much. (It needs refretting again but I don't know who to trust with it.) Strap locs. Seymour Duncan SH-1 humbuckers in both positions. Two volume knobs. No tone controls! Simple passive electronics: just switch and volume pots. Alder body. Nitrocellulose finish.
Some of the guitar design was a tug of war between Mike and me: On a normal strat, you can accidentally hit the switch when strumming. I didn't want that on my custom strat so I suggested that Mike put the switch up high like it is on a Les Paul. Mike told me that the horn above the upper cutaway would break off if he put the switch there. He was right. He put the switch between the knobs and the jack. I wanted the neck unfinished, allowing my left hand to easily slide up and down and not stick. Mike wanted to protect the neck so he put finish on it. I made him sand it off. My hand oils are the only finish on this neck. I also made him rout the back so that the plastic cover over the whammy bar springs was perfectly flush with the back. At the time, nobody did this and Mike thought I was crazy. But now many guitars have the cover level with the back. I wanted a black sunburst fading to natural. I repeatedly made him fade the black to natural more gradually. He insisted the Floyd should screw into dowels glued into the alder so it would be stronger. Good thing since I would extreme whammy, pulling it backwards so the strings hung limp. With this kind of back and forth between Mike and me, it took him about a year to make the guitar of my dreams. Unlike today, at that time there were very few strats with two humbuckers. Mike made me the guitar I wanted. The guy was an extraordinary luthier.
ADDED: I always rubber band my Floyd wrench to the head stock.