Owner: Toni Karamaa
Email: t.karamaa@luukku.com
Country: Finland
Model: Custom Pro
S/N: VA01068
Year: 03/12/91
For Sale: don't think so!!!

I bought this guitar from a Swedish guy..(thank you Stefan)!..It has a quilted maple body, birdseye maple neck, ebony fretboard, gold Kahler/Valley Arts tremolo with locking nut, SA/SA/81 EMG pickups...I found this guitar from this website,so i'm not original owner.. I think i'm third one and the last owner told me that there supposed to be a videotape with the working progress from the shop..i'm hoping to get it!!... Mike is caught on tape selecting wood to the body!. And the axe is laying on a workbench with one of lukes guitars on the side!...Sounds like an angel and stays in tune extremely well.