Owner: Deniz Aydemir - NEW OWNER UNKNOWN YET
Email: deniz.gtr@gmail.com 
Country: Portland, Oregon
Model: Custom Pro
S/N: VA0906
Year: ~ 1990
For Sale: Sold

Birdseye Maple neck, ebony fretboard, emg pickups(active), Floyd Rose original(gold) w/ EVH De-tuner I'm not the original owner, I sold two of my favourite guitars to buy this! an Ibanez RG770 Japan 92', Gibson SG Special... this guitar is better than both of them combined! Made in California/USA.
ADDED: This beautiful Custom Pro was bought by Gür Akad, who is a Turkish guitar player that imported the guitar from the US via a work colleague. In the 80s there were strict laws against imported goods in Turkey, good guitars would tend to circulate in the community, and many players like Gur had to find creative ways to bring instruments into the country. Gur Akad is best known for his work as a studio and touring musician for the Turkish mega-star Tarkan. He played the Custom Pro numerous times in Germany including an event where he and Steve Lukather admired the guitar backstage. Years later the started having issues with the whammy bar (I believe it was a Kahler), due to the his extensive use. Parts like a floyd rose, or other types of floating bridges were very scarce back in the day so he decided to sell the guitar. Years and several owners later the Custom Pro was being sold at, SRV -a famous second hand guitar shop in Istanbul. The owner was the guitarist of a Turkish rock band 110. By then the a modern Floyd Rose II had been installed. Upon the theft of the owner’s Gibson Les Paul Gold Top, a search for a good Gibson guitar had begun. As a Gibson SG Special and Ibanez RG 770 owner I was looking for a reliable super-strat with active pickups and a standard Floyd Rose vs Ibanez Edge. I sold my Ibanez to its previous owner -and Ayna guitarist, Can Güney, and traded the Gibson plus cash with 110 guitarist Mehmet. I’ve owned it from 2008 onward. After many years of playing hard rock/heavy metal in Turkey I got accepted to Berklee College of Music where I auditioned with this guitar. In Boston, I added a Fender 52 Reissue Butterscotch Telecaster to my arsenal. I developed a taste for passive Tele pickups. After graduating, choosing a minimalist lifestyle due to travel, and selling all guitars and amps I’ve decided to hold on to the Custom Pro. Missing the sound of Tele pickups I’ve collaborated with an engineer to equip the Custom Pro with actual Tele pickups. With it I’ve performed for one last tour in Japan in 2019.