Owner: Michael Casswell - RIP
Email: michaelcasswell@yahoo.co.uk
Country: London, UK
Model: Custom Pro
S/N: VA0312
Year: 1986 (?)
For Sale: No

This is the ex Steve Farris from Mr Mister Aqua 'River Relic' number 2 from the Nashville flood of 2010, restored back to health by my genius guitar tech Mark Pressling. All the work was in the neck and we left the body to tell the story. Steve had Seymours in the guitar, which fell apart so we put in a Suhr humbucker and 2 very hot Bare Knuckle sc's. Sounds great, but I am looking for and old set of White emgs to fit. Got the humbucker, just need 2 old SA's if you can help. Pots and 5 way are original as is everything else apart from the matched finish on the neck. The river did and amazing relic job on the guitar, and it looks fantastic. Also has the interlok system and is extremely lively and resonant. The trem did have the permanent fix arm the early floyds came with but we swapped that for the sleeve type. Check my other Steve Farris River Relic 0458. A lot of skill, time and money has gone into both the river relics to bring them back to unbelievable instruments.