Owner: Raymond Marquis
Email: raythefarmstudios@gmail.com
Country: London UK
Model: Custom Pro
S/N: VA0103
Year: 3/26/84, 7/84 Guitar Player
For Sale: no

July 1984 Guitar Player Magazine give-away Valley Arts guitar featured on the front page of the famous Eddie Van Halen Eruption solo transcription edition, 7/8's (second one, first being Larry Carltons), solid quilted maple body, tobacco and gold sunburst nitro finish (first burst), first VA with new headstock design, ebony fretboard, gorgeous birdseye maple neck, black Gotoh tuners, black APM Kahler bridge with locking nut, hand wound pickups by Seymour Duncan himself, original Fender tweed case. 
From new owner:
Purchased recently. First ever guitar made with the trademark Valley Arts headstock. Built and sprayed by Mike McGuire and featured in Guitar Player in the July 1984 issue as a competition prize. 7/8 one piece highly figured maple body, which is surprisingly light, considering. 24 fret, highly figured neck with ebony fret board. 3 Seymour Duncan stacked single coil pickups. These pickups are extra hot and sound fantastic, the story is that Seymour Duncan designed and made the pickups himself. Guitar has Kahler tremolo system, which works fantastic, dive bombs etc., etc. Never goes out of tune. Still in the original tweed case. I have also located a July 1984 Guitar Player Magazine, which now resides in the case with the guitar. If anyone has any knowledge of any other history, I would love to hear from you.