Owner: Gerry Devine
Email: NA
Country: UK
Model: Standard Pro Mk1 with natural head stock.
S/N: VA919013
Year: 1989/90
For Sale: No

This Standard Pro has been located in America for the last 29 years, it was imported to the UK by a friend who passed it onto my self, looks to be a case queen no fret ware at all she's in lovely condition but the Cellulose lacquer has cracked in places due to bad storage i would guess.
These mk1 Standards are a rare thing to come by only 20/30 guitars were made by the same team that made the custom pro's, they made these as a test run prior to the black head stock versions becoming available a bit later in 1991/92.
Color: Silver pearl
Scale: full
Pickups: Emg Sa/Sa/89 split coil on tone pot.
Hardware: Chrome
Pickguard: Black white black
Tuners: Valley Arts branded Gotoh
Bridge: Valley Arts branded Schaller
Body wood: Maple
Neck wood: Rock maple with rosewood fret board.
Case: yes original
Document: yes warranty card