Owner: Keith Moore
Email: keithmore2000@yahoo.co.uk
Country: London, UK
Model: Custom Pro
S/N: 1085
Year: 1991 - purchased new. New, 1991 (endorsment from R&B Music, Aberdeen, Scotland, U.K.
For Sale: Stolen From me

Body, 1 piece quilted maple body, neck in amber finish, ebony fretboard, gold floyd rose trem, EMG 2 x SA 1 x 85 pickups, black scratch plate. Dark wood knot near the (side flat mount) input jack. I used the guitar on many trade show demos for Marshall amps in 1992-93 and there's some video footage attached of one of these demos and a lesson at my home using that guitar.
The guitar was stolen from a storage cage at a rehearsal complex in London called Ezee Hire after coming back from some European gigs with ASIA in 1993. The case was left (I still have it). There may have been someone who worked at Ezee at the time who was connected to the theft.