Owner: Joshua Bach
Email: bachjoshua@tahoo.com
Country: Kansas City, USA
Model: Standard Pro
S/N: 0846
Year: I purchased used in 2021. Would like to know the year
For Sale: Hell No

I don't know many specs other than it has a rosewood fingerboard. its PRETTY heavy. It is a very interesting color red. Kind of a candy apple, but not a super bright vivid red. It has the EMG SSH set up with a Valley Arts Kahler made FR licensed trem. Only mod is just the 24V mod that was done prior to my purchase which, obviously doesn't change the guitar in any way. I've been looking at VA for years and was always my dream to eventually own one because, growing up, Luke was my favorite guitarist....still is. Soldano with some outboard gear is THAT sound. Love at first site.