Owner: Mark Widawer
Email: markwidawer@gmail.com
Country: West Hills, Ca
Model: Standard Pro
S/N: 0545
Year: I guess I have to say "used" but in perfect/mint shape. Year is probably 1990.
For Sale: Yes...but I have no idea what to ask for it. Any advice?

First, you should know that I know very little about guitars. I took lessons when I was a kid, but never really played much. So I couldn't tell you much about the specs of the guitar beyond what I will write here and what you can see in the photos.

Around 1990 I was a business and computer consultant for Valley Arts Guitar. We helped them with their accounting software, mostly working with their business manager. But we also met and talked with Mike McGuire and Al Carness (who helped us understand the inventory, but didn't know much about the computers). As part of that work, we would go down to their factory/workshop in North Hollywood to show them how to use the computer system.

As is well known, they had some hard times. Somewhere between the fire and the transaction with Samick, the engagement ended. But, they still had some outstanding invoices and no cash to pay it. To settle up, Mike McGuire asked if I'd accept his personal guitar that he had recently built for himself, which he said was a "Standard Pro with Custom Pro parts."

I didn't know the differences between the guitars in detail (except how beautiful they were) and don't know what parts he was referring to. I would imagine that the photos tell the story. At the time, I would have preferred the cash, but this is all they could offer, so we accepted the guitar and parted with a handshake on good terms.

It's a beautiful transparent Amber/Yellow body Standard Pro with serial number 0545. My understanding is that this color was not one of their regular colors and is quite rare. I can't tell you anything about the parts beyond what you'll see in the photos, but I'm happy to try to answer questions if you've got any.

The guitar has spent about 99.99% of its time laying flat, beneath a bed, at stable temperatures, well protected in a closed, hard case that Mike gave me with the guitar. I see other people mention "road wear" being normal. This guitar has zero road wear.

If you're interested in experiencing a Valley Arts guitar as though it were still hanging on the shelf at their old Studio City retail store, this is about as close as you'll get.

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