Owner: David Lundmark
Email: david_lundmark1982@hotmail.com
Country: Orebro, Sweden
Model: California Pro
S/N: 0423
Year: Dated 1-6-89 in neck pocket and on heel, bought used 2018
For Sale: Yes

This is California Pro #3, and they were apparently still sort of prototyping them at that point. It has a normal serial number instead of the VA92 numbers that apparently started with #4 and also came stock with a VA-branded Takeuchi (as found on the M-series, for example) instead of the Schallers these typically come with. I found this in Germany, where it apparently has lived since the early 1990s when the previous owner bought it lightly used, so my guess is that it either sold originally in Germany or was sold in the US to a german who brought it home. It now has a fresh pickguard and a Schaller Lockmeister instead of the worn-out Takeuchi, and since I already have California #43 I wanted to do something different with the pickups; to keep up the german 1989 vibe I got some NOS Ultrasonics from Ebay.