Owner: Noren Schmitt
Email: noren@innovativedesignsolution.com
Country: San Rafael, CA, USA
Model: Standard Pro
S/N: 1188
Year: 91?
For Sale: No

Guitar is black on black, 24 rosewood fretboard, HSS EMG pickups, Floyd Rose tremolo bridge, no changes, 7/8 size. I bought the guitar via eBay. Great condition with original case. Case is a bit rough. This guitar belonged to a gigging musician who plays in one of LA’s best cover bands. He used to work at the Valley Arts Store and purchased this guitar in 1990 I think. Used the guitar on many gigs. It really resonates very well. Sounds great without being plugged in and you can feel the vibrations from the guitar. The original owner took good care of this gem. He set it up for me,put a new battery in and she came all wrapped up very well. I was very happy with the purchase.