Owner: Unknown
Email: Unknown
Country: UK
Model: Standard Pro
S/N: 0000
Year: 1992
For Sale: No

Location: UK
Neck: Bird's eye Maple
Fret Board: Rose Wood
Frets: 6130 low wide
Tuners: Valley Arts chrome
Body: Swamp Ash
Colour: Fire Burst
Pickups: EMG Sa.Sa.58
Trem: Floyd Rose Original chrome
Scale: 24 fret 7/8

Here is a standard pro that's a one of a kind with red head stock, made as a gift for John McGuire by his dad Michael McGuire back in 1992.
John never got around to using the neck, I got it from him in 2017 and set about making the Standard pro that never was. It took me a year to find all the original parts to complete this project. Note this guitar neck is bird's eye maple which didn't feature on the standard's also the logo has USA at the end which only featured on the earlier natural head stock standard pro's not the later black head stock versions.
John and Michael also gave me a signed letter if authenticity.