We’ve had a good response to updates, and additions.  Many new guitars have been added and many have been updated.  A certain Valley Arts Friend, James Bradshaw from the UK, has sent in dozens of guitars and pictures of VA’s he has been collecting over the years, and he’s not done yet!  Some guitars with owners unknown have been added to the registry, with designation of “owner unknown” in hopes the current owner will find them and contact us.  I noticed the new site is quite easy to find with a simple search for “Valley Arts Guitars”, so…..

Another long time VA fan, Tommy Denander, has sent also a bunch of photos, both of the original VA store (check out the signage etc.) and of exibits at NAMM in I believe 1988?

Check them out on the http://valleyarts.guitars/shopnamm-photos/ pages!

Also, one member, Jan Buis,  sent in a video of him playing a wonderful tribute on his VA at his friend’s funeral, and I figured out how to add the video to his registry page.  Please check it out and it may inspire you to want to add one to your page.  If you have a youtube video you would like me to include, let me know.

VA00775 – VA Custom Pro – New 5/1/17

And, keep them coming!  With your help we can keep making this better!  This software makes it easy to add and I can often add or modify them the same day as I receive them. More to come…..

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