• Hardrock maple neck with maple fingerboard
  • VA fret wire
  • VA machine heads
  • Ash or Alder body
  • Guitar: 3 EMG single coil pickups
  • Bass: PJ EMG system
  • White or black pickguard
  • Stationary bridge
  • Chrome hardware
  • Choice of nut widths
  • Choice of fingerboard radius
  • Delrin nut
  • Strap locking system
  • Choice of strings
  • Choice of finish: natural, brown sunburst, fireburst,
    many solid colors and transparent colors

More Options:


    • Hardrock maple with rosewood or ebony fingerboard
    • Birdseye maple with maple, rosewood, or ebony fingerboard
    Interlock Neck System ($250.00)
    Machine heads

    • Gotoh (gold or black)
    • Schaller (chrome or gold)
    • Body

      • Swamp ash, hardrock maple, mahogany, quilted maple ($240.00), flamed maple
      • rear route body with no pickguard
      • Colored pickguards
      • Custom Colors: Pearl or Metallic
      • Body decal



    • EMG humbucking, spc,exg,or exb, OBL, Tom Anderson, Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio, Alembic, and Utra Sonic

    • Kahler Professional (chrome, brass, black)
    • Floyd Rose (chrome, gold, black)
    • Schaller (chrome, gold, black)
    • Stop tail piece system


  • Black standard with Logo
  • VA forgelite
  • VA gig bag