This was a very helpful, super well researched article on Samick Valley Arts, especially their version of a “California Pro”, which may also help in identification of your guitar or potential guitar.  I had a similar experience when I bought my first VA and wish I had read this before I bought my first one, thinking it was an original (which is in one of the pictures – lol)

Anyway, for your perusal and thank you to the author Dr Vivek Nair – click the image to go to the article in a new tab

Valley Arts Guitars – The Lost Years

10 Thoughts on “Great helpful article on Samick Period Valley Arts Guitars”

  • hi is this still active?? i have a valley arts guitar CA 01992 that i am trying to price to sell but i do not know much about it or where to even sell it. can any one help me out?

    • Teddy, look at the other M-Series in the registry ans see if your serial fits in that group – if so – submit it to the registry

  • Hi, I purchased a Valley arts California Pro Transparent blue finish on a ash body, black headstock serai # 03136 and I need to know the year or era please, Thanks.

  • This was a really good article. And I agree, the guitars still had a great sound and feel. I got a California PRO VA bass guitar with EMGs. Holy cow, it plays well. Not to mention it’s beautiful. Too bad they couldn’t last.

  • i was at a pawn shop buying an older washburn a10v and seen this samick va custom pro shop strat in seafoam green i ask the guy what he wanted for this guitar and he gave it to me it needs a nut and a paint repair and the serial number is 9100331 all i want to know is what year this guitar is can anyone tell me if there is a web site to enter this serial # to find out

    • I’m afraid all I can do is steer you to the article by Vivek, referenced above – it’s the best researched I’ve seen for this information. I know I can’t tell you the year and I doubt Martin can either as he left Valley Arts shortly after the Samick purchase. Sorry can’t be of more help.

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