Interesting tidbit from Martin on an inquiry someone sent in from Asia.

Here’s his quote “One other thing we have to be careful of now is counterfeits.  There are now counterfeit decals out there so there is a higher chance of this now. ”

I’ve personally seen headstock VA waterslide decals on ebay that someone is printing and selling.  As values on these fine guitars keep rising, it seems vigilance and due diligence is more and more necessary when it comes to buying a Valley Arts Original.

I haven’t seen them – yet – on the Chinese sites where you find oodles of Fender and Gibson and other fakes, but you can bet they will pick up on it and start.  (Gee I hope they don’t read this…)  Oops, I take that back – there are some garish looking LP shaped body inlaid guitars there and they’re calling them Valley Arts 20th Anniversary models!

Just an FYI…..FWIW

more to come

And, while I’m on this topic, what’s with model numbers like this one?  VABTH1TBHG1  ???  Something else I see on ebay that makes me scratch my head, who made them and when?

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