Da Big news: The Vintage Valley Arts “Golden Era” site has been completely redesigned and brought back to life in a new format.

Good news – Among other things, images are not limited to small sizes any more, The software will resize them.  and you may submit more, up to 12-20 images per guitar!  Our new software makes it easier and quicker to add or modify registry items, so additions or modifications can be done in a timely manner.

The bad news – a few of the guitars are missing, and a few are missing their images so please check yours and if they are missing, then email them to valleyartsguitarz@gmail.com and I will add them to your registry page. Be sure to include the things listed at the top of the registry page so I’ll know if it’s a new one or images to add to an existing one – thanks!

Added – thanks for the new submissions, some came in quickly!  You can see them in the registry with a New designation.  Much appreciated.  Let’s keep this going and improve this as a great resource.  Tell anyone you know that’s into these fine guitars.  And, I decided when there’s an update in registration, to mark the prior ones sold and keep them there for history sake.

Please feel free to email me any suggestions or errors that you may see so they can be taken care of – thanks again!

4 Thoughts on “Big news April 2017 – the new site!”

  • New additions this month, regrettably (but not really) I am a month behind as I have been out of the country for the month of January.

  • Great site, thanks for getting this back up and running.

    Any chance with the registry to have the colour of the guitar listed so we can see which is which without having to go in and look at each individual one? Just a thought.


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